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yerp... [05/Mar/04 @ 03:02pm ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ok i just realized that i still had this livejournal thingy...thats pretty pathetic. hah. i think this is just like...the homeless orphaned prostitute website. haha..i mean really. i never sign it....a bunch of people already know my password probably so they can just go and use it whenever they want....and i never know about it. lol. oh well....i guess i'm starting back up again. Its friday and i'm off...but ya know its really good that i have a lot of friends to hang out with....oh wait ..i'm signing livejournal. haha freakin sucks. oh well. ummm everyone should be going to the anberlin/mewithoutyou/watashiwa show this saturday and sunday ...(saturday-Phili Sunday-south amboy)...check it out. oh and i just picked up the new blindside album...its pretty awesome...kinda wacky...but cool. alright peace out jerks. heh

1 know the drill. _ Let it be a lesson.

weekly morning.. [31/Jan/04 @ 11:55am ]
[ mood | determined ]

...going back to school and having to take...more exams? everyone is feeling the aweful affects of this at EC atleast..HOLD ON!. ya know but now would be a good time to burn the school down the teachers are there lol...kididng hah. My brother just talked to me through me other site ..updating me on everything thats happening with Anberlin. everything is going fine. It sucks though. i miss him but now hes becoming somewhat of a blur to me. i havnt seen him a while and i havnt talked to him once on the phone. WHen your not reminded of a person that has lived with you your whole life its wierd. hes my brother. BUt i mean i'll never forget him ..i cant. its just wierd. When he goes on tour it'll be even worse. it'll be a good month or soo with little to no communication. but its cool. hes gunna rock socks. Go check em out guys www.anberlin.com . alright kiddies i'm out. enjoy your weekend...do somthing fun. fun...

3 know the drill. _ Let it be a lesson.

POODIE! [28/Jan/04 @ 06:47pm ]
[ mood | thirsty ]

this is my firts entry to my live journal...i've finally found out how to DO IT!...thats right DO IT. no but i'm mad confused on this con-flabbed thing. but i'll be ok. like the site?. thanks beth. gotta teach me some more tricks. i was watching a little movie called Orange County today...what a movie. it was an amazing movie i thought. not only was it hilarious especially because of Jack Black lol....but it caught my attention that its one of the kind of movies that i really enjoy. That give me that spacious and kinda emotional-unknown kind of feeling. I realized i like movies ...also movies i can relate to ..like more towards teen movies. But just movies with adventurous endings. That in which it seems that life has a little bit more meaning ...not only portrayed in the movie...but for yourself to take in. i truly love that. lol if that makes any sense at all ...im trying to say that Orange County is now one of my new favorite movies. took me long enough especially because its been out forEVER. school is tomorrow and we have finals...how wierd comin in from the middle of the week from a snowday...then EXAMS?!?....but i think it'll be ok...i feel like i'm calm now and i'll do ok. but then again whenever i've felt like that in the past i always do crappy. so maybe this time i'll show myself up...later

2 know the drill. _ Let it be a lesson.

[28/Jan/04 @ 09:39am ]
yeah yeah,it's Bethany.Once again I make someone's journal pretty.
3 know the drill. _ Let it be a lesson.

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